Resume/Steve Jones

Steve Jones
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Date of Birth: June 30, 1959

-2 years Community College-Cabrillo College- Aptos, California-- Studies: Astronomy, Art, Photography, Martial Arts
-1 year California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo, California-- Studies: Solar Engineering/Technology, Alternative Energy
-3 years University of California Santa Cruz- Santa Cruz, California-- Graduated Dec 1984: B.A. Environmental Studies/International Sustainable Development
-1 year College of the Siskiyous- Mt Shasta, California-- Studies: Computer Science/Web Publishing/Computer Applications/Internet Navigation/Wireless Communications


-Jorge Leviendo Landscaping Company
Job Description: Landscaping, Pruning, Bricklaying, Planting, Sprinkler Systems, Lighting Installation, Carpentry, Gardening and General Maintenence.
Santa Cruz, California. From 1978-1982. \\$5.00/hr.

-US Forest Service/ California Division of Forestry
Job Description: Clearing Roads, Cutting Down, Pruning and Planting Trees, Controlled Burns, Cutting Fire Lines to fight Forest Fires using a variety of hand and mechanical tools. Felton and Big Sur California. From 1980-1986

-Broker Inn/Hotel
Job Description: Desk/Phone Clerk and Housekeeping- Cleaning Rooms. From 1986-1988. Boulder, Colorado. \\$6-7.00/hr

-Hunger Foods
Job Description: Preparing, Marketing and Selling Sri-Lankan Style Vegetarian/Vegan Burger Patties to local and state markets. Boulder, Colorado. On and Off from 1988- 1990. //Pay Variable

-Tavernas Terzakes (Greek), Harvest House (Natural), Jose Muldoon's (Mexican) Restaurants
Job Descriptions: Dishwashing, Food Prep, Cook, Busing and Cleaning. On and off from 1984-1990. Boulder, Colorado. \\$5-7.50/hr

-Left Hand Books and Records
All Volunteer Collective- Ordering, Selling, Cataloging and Stocking Books, Records, CD's and various crafts. From 1986- 1992. Boulder, Colorado

-Eco-Cycle Recycling Center- Distributing Plastic recycling Bins to every household in Boulder, Colorado. $9.00/hr Boulder, Colorado 1989-1990

-Voter Registration
Registering voters at tables, kiosks and via clipboard at shopping malls, grocery stores, university events and on pedestrian sidewalks.
Boulder, Colorado 1990-1992. Full Time- $1 per completed registration form. Employer: Boulder County Government, Colorado

-Rainbow Juices
Job Description: Preparing, Cleaning and Cutting Carrots for Carrot Juice production. From 1990-1992. Boulder, Colorado. \\$7/hr

-Rocky Mountain Sage Company
Job Description: Cutting, Drying, Rolling and Selling Sage Sticks from New Mexico nationwide. From 1992- 1997, Boulder, Colorado. Pay- Variable, depending on Harvest and Season.

-Boulder Natural Foods Co-op Market
Job Description: Outreach Volunteer Coordination, Tabling, Door to Door leafletting, writing articles, distributung literature, networking with national/international cooperatives, providing foundational support and help to initiate the Co-op's fundraising activities and opening.
From 2001- 2002 Boulder, Colorado//

Graphic Arts/Printing Shops
Various temporary assignments throughout the years. Bindery, collation, insertion, paper cutting, logo design, printing and general print shop work.
From 1985-2002 (on and off)-Pay: $7-10/hr
Santa Cruz, California and Boulder, Colorado

-Rocky Mountain Temporary Employment Agencies
Job Descriptions: Various assignments at factories, construction sites, hotels, warehouses and businesses throughout Colorado. From 2001-2006 (off and on). Boulder/Frisco/Dillion/Breckenridge/Longmont/Silverthorne Colorado. \\$7-12/hr

-Earth Flags International
Self-employment: purchasing, advertising and selling Earth Flags throughout the world
Based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and the US Mainland

-Beaver Run Ski Resort Hotel and Conference Center
Vail Resorts, Breckenridge, Colorado
Job Description: Stocker/Housekeeping Department/-$10.00/hr
Summers, June to Sept, 2004-2016

-Green Festivals USA/Volunteer
San Francisco, California- All volunteer Green Festivals seasonal assistant
Annual November Conferences from 2007- 2014

-Bike Sales/Craigslist
Buying, Fixing, Repairing, Refurbishing bicycles. Selling Bicycles on craigslist.
Arizona, Colorado, California
Pay Variable depending on Season and Location.
September 2014- December 2019

-Global Environmental Advocacy
Researching, writing, educating, confronting and addressing the world's global environmental crises and threats
***Issues: global climate change, world overpopulation, the global water crisis, the vegan revolution,
free energy systems, international sustainable development and the need for comprehensive planet management.
Support for the creation of a Global Marshall Plan and the establishment of a Green World Order for Mankind.
Ongoing side work since 2010, currently unpaid.

-Various Odd/Temporary Contract Jobs
Brick laying, deck construction, carpet installation, landscaping, restaurant prep and dish
Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico
March 2017- January 2022 (and continuing)
Pay: Variable, depending on job

-Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Reading, Internet
-The Neverending Story, 10 Commandments, Sword of Destiny, The Hero, Jesus of Nazareth, The Blues Brothers, Captain America-Winter Soldier, Dersu (Russian) and Lawrence of Arabia
-Enya, Ofra Haza, Vangelis, Kitaro, Steve Roach, Constance Demby, Valdi Sabev, 80's Rock and All Reggae
-Canada, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Israel, Switzerland, Europe and New Zealand

***MY FAVORITE MUSIC PLAYLISTS: Kitaro Silk RoadNotes from ParadiseBest of Leo Rojas